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Product News

Interlok updates



Interlok 3.0.0B8 is now available

There is now a new beta release of Interlok 3.0.0B8

The highlights for this release are :

a)      Adapter Changes :

a.       Updated to 5.10 of ActiveMQ.

b)      UI Changes :

a.       Step by step testing of a service-collection. You can see before and after the service was applied

b.      EmbeddedScriptingService now has syntax highlighting (some support) for the embedded script.



Interlok 3.0.0B7

The highlights for this release are :

a)      Adapter Changes :

a.       JdbcPooledConnection is now available (uses c3p0 under the covers).

                                                               i.      This only makes sense if you’re using shared-connections

                                                             ii.      Your services should always close the connection after use (you should do this, even if you aren’t using a JdbcPooledConnection)

b.      StatelessServiceWrapper can now restart the underlying service on a somewhat more intelligent basis.

c.       Simple-CSV to XML (optional component using commons-csv)

b)      UI Changes :

a.       There is now an XML editor built into the UI, so you never have to touch notepad/vi/emacs again.

                                                               i.      Where appropriate the editor will only show you what you asked for, if you edit a service-list it will only show you the service list.

b.      There is a tour thing that happens when you first login.

c.       There is a diff facility between saved configurations, and the current loaded config.

c)       There are some manuals, JMS, MSMQ, OracleAQ, WebsphereMQ.

d)      Experimental : New Relic performance statistics for workflows / services

a.       This will be published on their site directly (as well as a downloadable via ours).



Interlok 3.0.0B6

The highlights are :

a)      New Metrics Interceptor (captures information about metadata).

b)      Some forward ports of bug-fixes from v2.

c)       Additional features to some of the widget pages.

d)      Search/Filter/Ignore on the failing-messages table/modal.

e)      You can now configure AdvancedMessageSplitterService in the UI (for a limited value of “configure”).




Interlok 3.0.0B5

The highlights are :

a)      New icons, courtesy of some initial work by Brownbag (who are reviewing our UI).

b)      It no longer uses a v2.x license

a.       Licenses are massively simplified, there are only 4 key bits, RESTRICTED, BASIC, STANDARD, ENTERPRISE

b.      If you want information on what’s enabled when, then look at the javadocs for the thing you want to configure.

c.       I have bundled (for now) an ENTERPRISE which runs out at the end of the year.

c)       If you use install-with-jre.exe as the installer, then it installs a 32bit JVM running in “server” mode.

a.       Memory usage should be “stable” at ~1GB.

b.      If you use install-without-jre, then remember to select a JVM that can run in “server” mode; otherwise you may have to modify the .lax file

d)      You can now “test” a connection in the UI.

a.       This only makes sense for “JdbcConnection” + “JmsConnection”

e)      You can now “test” a service in the UI directly without having to start an adapter.

a.       You fill in your metadata, and cut and paste a “document” (whatever that means to you)

b.      You see the output once you have tested it.

c.       Obviously you can test an entire service-list if that’s what you want to do.

f)       If you have a template that conforms to a specific format then a wizard will guide you through the configuration, so you fill-in the stuff you need to fill in.